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Bellerin 's 2nd Flea @ FLEA TITANS!


~26th June 2010~

The Bellerin girls went on an adventure@ FLEA TITANS held last Saturday at Old School! It was indeed an eye-opener and special thanks to all who came to support. Think you missed the discounts again this time, dont worry! We will be launching our new collection very soon so stay TUNED! Lets checkout the hardwork and lets give some encouragement to the girls :)

Presenting Bellerin 1st Shift-Shirlyn n me!

We managed to squeeze out some smiles even when it was piping hot and we were there since 1230pm! Tired we maybe, we are excited about this flea to get to know new friends.

Look at the crowd! Woohoo!

Presenting Bellerin 2nd Shift- Sherry and Xiaoxin!
Thanks girls for coming by to rescue us and escalated our sales to greater heights!

Xiaoxin busy arranging the clothes to make sure they are nicely hanged for the best visual effect!

Yes,you guess it right :p

its Xiaoxin's camera! Its Shirlyn and Xiaoxin smiling sweetly , doing what girls love to do before working hard again.

Look at how pretty the clothes are:)

Presenting our model and ambassodor Xiaoxin, she simply brings out how much she loves our Crop Tee Top, if you like it as much as her, stay tuned for Great Summer Sale III and grab it while stocks last!

Thank you soo muchie for your continuous support and we love to see you @ our next Flea!


Myrelle m( ^ ^ )m

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